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小编今天为大家整理有next door的意思,如果有需要的可以收藏起来,参考一下。

next door

英 [nekst dɔ:] 美 [nɛkst dɔr]




Next-door neighbours 边地行走

next t door 隔壁的

next-door 隔壁的 ; 邻家的

next-door neighbour 隔壁邻居 ; 意思是隔壁邻居 ; 比邻 ; 左邻右舍

Next-door Neighbors 隔壁邻居

next-door neighbor 隔壁邻居 ; 近邻社区

our next-door neighbor 我们的隔壁邻居

the next-door neighbour 隔壁邻居


We heard sounds of laughter from the next room.


Next door to us there's a couple from the USA.


Read The Millionaire Next Door. 读一下《隔壁的百万富翁》。

The house is joined (on) to the one next door by the wall. 这所房子和隔壁那一间房子的墙壁相连。

He would marry his daughter to the handsome mouse next door. 他决定要将自己的女儿嫁给隔壁英俊的鼠小弟。

She lives upstairs, over there, next door to Joe the baby-grabber. 她住在楼上,那边,那个“捉小孩的人”乔的隔壁。

Do you know Joe Jones next door to me in my dorm? 你知道我宿舍里住在我隔壁的那个乔.琼斯吗?

It was at this point that you could be heartened by the fact that next door was an exhibition documenting the long history of people’s successful struggle for rights and freedoms in Britain.在这点上,你应被这样一种事实所鼓舞,隔壁是一家展览馆,其中展览的是英国人是怎样长期成功地为争取自己的权力和自由而努力。

Accidental friends » Selecting our friends is often a matter of pure chance: where we work, wholives next door or which club we happen to join. » “突然”的朋友 »朋友的选择往往纯粹是一种偶然:我们在哪工作,隔壁住的谁又或者是加入的是哪一个俱乐部。

The chicken made its first appearance next door, at the home of a multitude of cabdrivers fromBangladesh. 小鸡第一次出场是在隔壁邻居家,那儿住着许多从孟加拉来的出租车司机。

No matter how she tried to fill her days, she was always within sight or earshot of the work next door. 不管她怎么着努力来填充她的日常生活,她总是看得到或者听得到邻家的改建工程。

The girl who spends hours in her bedroom on a social networking site may not do better atschool, either now or subsequently, compared with the girl next door who never goes online at home. 与那些从不在家上网的隔壁家同龄人相比,那些窝在卧室里,好几小时挂在社交网站上的女孩子在学校的表现并不更好,不论是当下还是今后。

In fact, we might just as well have been living next door to a lion, for to me it amounted to the same thing. 实际上,我们基本上就和住在一头狮子隔壁差不多,反正对我来说,住在条纹隔壁和住在一头狮子隔壁根本就是一码事。

Honey , is that noise an alarm from next door? 亲爱的,那噪音是从隔壁传来的警报器声吗?

He spent an hour staring at the melting ice that dripped from his refrigerator, and then wentnext door to complain to his neighbor. 他花了一个小时的时间注视着融化的冰从冰箱里滴下来,然后去隔壁跟邻居诉苦去了。

That old dog next door finally kicked the bucket. 这句话的意思是:“隔壁的那条狗终于死了。

I was bored to death that summer. And I used to sit on my grandparents’ porch, listening to the Saulitises playing next door.


I called my brother, who at the time lived next door with my dad.


Well, a new chocolate-themed Park due to open in Shanghai will probably make you wish youlived next door.


They also extended the search to the next door house where Garrido, 58, is understood to have been caretaker until its current occupant moved in three years ago.


She checked on her two youngest children and then looked in the room next door.


If you sell appliances and a WalMart opens next door, you may find a shrinking opportunity to sell appliances but an exploding market to repair and service them.


We took turns shivering outside the shop next door to make IP card calls to England, Australiaand California.


Next door, work is under way on a new mine that will have new equipment and more than twicethe production capacity.


The room had two mattresses on the floor, a TV set on a cardboard box and a strong stenchfrom the lavatories next door.


The room had two mattresses on the floor, a TV set on a cardboard box and a strong stenchfrom the lavatories next door.


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