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You finally got that promotion and now you’re the new boss. Things might not feel much different in the beginning, but managing former peers requires a major adjustment on both ends.
How you handle the change at the outset can affect the long-term harmony and productivity of the group.
— Embrace change. Accept that your relationships with co-workers will inevitably change, say experts. This can be hard if you were friends with someone you now supervise. You don’t have to give up the friendship, but you do need to have a frank discussion outlining the new parameters of your relationship in the office.
‘This includes what you can and can’t do,’ says Stephen Xavier, president and CEO of Cornerstone Executive Development in Chapel Hill, N.C. ‘Obviously, you can’t participate in workplace gossip or any negative talk about co-workers.’
You also can’t be as chummy as you were before and you might, say, have to give up your regular lunch dates with your former peers.
— Get educated. If the company doesn’t provide management training, take a class, get a coach, read books and observe how other bosses handle subordinates.
You want to strike a good balance of authority, says Bonnie Hagemann, CEO of Executive Development Associates in Oklahoma City, Okla. There’s a tendency for new bosses to manage too harshly or be too lenient.
— Establish your role. Early on, step forward and demonstrate how you will handle your role as boss. Be firm but open to feedback and talk through what you expect from employees and vise versa.
Make clear what you’ll be doing differently from your predecessor, if anything. Remember, rank-and-file employees tend to be focused on their jobs, whereas your role as boss means doing what’s best for the department and company. You may be forced to hold employees who you worked alongside just weeks ago accountable in ways that can influence their job standing and pay.
— Address concerns. Introduce changes gradually since big, sudden changes can create a lot of stress — especially if they are complex.
Give employees a role in the decision-making process when you can and help them understand why any changes are necessary.
A good way to discuss inpidual concerns with other former peers is to take them aside one by one and privately explain how things will change, suggests Mr. Xavier.
— Be careful not to play favorites. It can harm your credibility as a fair leader and can backfire with friends who may take advantage of you.
‘Familiarity breeds a potential for some complacency and that can make it more difficult for the manager who’s promoted internally,’ says Paul Winum, senior partner at RHR International, a management consultancy in Wood Dale, Ill. ‘When somebody comes in from the outside, and there’s not a pre-existing relationship, people are on their toes a little more.’
— Head off problems. Manage the disappointment of peers who didn’t get promoted by finding new opportunities or challenges for them in the restructured team, suggests Mr. Winum. ‘You want to forge some kind of positive, constructive relationship,’ he says.
Try to talk through any concerns or issues of those who might have wanted to be boss so you don’t end up being blindsided by a bigger problem or an employee resigning.
北卡罗来纳州查珀尔希尔市(Chapel Hill)基石高层管理人才进步集团(Cornerstone Executive Development)总裁兼CEO斯蒂芬?赛维尔(Stephen Xavier)表示,“你要了解自己什么可以干什么不能做。传播办公室小道消息、背后说同事坏话当然都是不能做的。”
俄克拉荷马州俄克拉荷马城(Oklahoma City)管理人才进步协会(Executive Development Associates)CEO邦尼?哈格曼(Bonnie Hagemann)表示,你会期望自己表现出适度的权威。那些刚刚登上领导岗位的人一般都有的过犹不及,要么太过严厉要么太过宽松。
伊利诺伊州伍德戴尔市(Wood Dale)RHR国际管理咨询公司(RHR International)的高级合伙人保罗?威纳姆(Paul Winum)表示,“一个内部提拔上来的管理者假如跟某个下属过度亲密,可能会致使他们产生自得自满的情绪,那你的工作会因此而变得愈发棘手。若是一个空降兵,跟下属没旧交情,那大伙倒是可以更好地协同一心、各司其责。”

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