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The next thing I'd like to bring up for discussion is packing. 下面我想提出包装问题讨论一下。

We'd like to hear what you say concerning the matter of packing. 我很想听听你们就包装问题发表意见。

You'd like to know something about the packing of the drugs. is that right? 您想了解药品的包装情况,对吗?

Please make an offer indicating the packing. 请报价并说明包装情况。

Your opinions on packing will be passed on to our manufacturers. 你们对包装的意见将转达给厂商。

It is necessary to improve the packaging. 改进包装方法十分必要。

We've informed the manufacturer to have them packed as per your instruction. 我们已经通知厂商按你们的要求包装。

Packing has a close bearing on sales. 包装直接关系到产品的销售。

Packing also effects the reputation of our products. 包装也影响产品的声誉。

A packing that catches the eye will help us push the sales. 醒目的包装有助于我们推销产品。

Buyers always pay great attention to packing. 买方很注意包装的情况。

I'm sure the new packing will give your clients satisfaction. 我相信新包装定会使您的客户满意。

Different articles require different packing. 不同商品需要不同的包装。

Generally speaking, buyers bear the charges of packing. 包装费用一般由买方负担。

Packing charge is about 3% of the total cost of the goods. 包装费用占货物总值的百分之三。

Normally, packing charge is included in the contract price. 一般地,合同价格中已经包括了包装费用。

The crux of packing lies in protecting the goods from moisture. 包装的关键是防潮。

The machines must be well protected against dampness, moisture, rust and shock. 机器包装必须防湿、防潮、防锈、防震。

We have no objection to the stipulations about the packing and shipping mark. 我们同意关于包装和运输唛头的条款。

We can not afford time to change the packing because the ship will sail after two days. 由于轮船两天后就起航,我们来不及更换包装。

What do you think of the packing for fireworks? 您认为礼花怎样包装?

The packings are in good (bad) order. 包装完好无损(破损)。

The packages are intact. The packing is beautiful. 包装完好无损,很美观。

Please pack the goods very carefully. 请细心包装此货。

These marten overcoats are tastefully packed. 这批貂皮大衣的包装十分精美。

I think you'll find the packing beautiful and quite well-done. 您一定发现我们产品的包装美观讲究。

Our packing will be on a par with that of the Japanese. 我们的包装可以与日本同行相比美。

The unique design of the packing will help you promote the sale of drugs. 独特的包装将有助于我们推销这些药品。

The packing must be strong enough to withstand rough handling. 包装必须十分坚固,以承受粗率的搬运。

We have especially reinforced out pacing in order to minimize the extent of any possible damage to the goods. 我们已经特意加固包装,以便使货物万一遭到的损坏减小到最低程度。

These goods didn't sell well merely because of the poor packing. 这些产品由于包装不好影响了销售。

We agree to use cartons for outer packing. 我们同意用纸箱做外包装。

Could you use cardboard boxes? 你们用硬纸板箱包装吗?

It would cost more for you to pack the goods in wooden cases. 使用木箱包装成本会高些。

The piece goods are to be wrapped in kraft paper, then packed in wooden cases. 布匹在装入木箱以前要用牛皮纸包好。

The eggs are packed in cartons with beehives lined with shake-proof paper board. 鸡蛋要用带蜂房孔,内衬防震纸板的纸箱包装。

Each pill is put into a small box sealed with wax. 每个丸药装入小盒后用蜡密封好。

Please make the fruit jar airtight. 请把果酱罐密封。

We'll pack them two dozen to one carton, gross weight around 25 kilos a carton. 我们一纸箱装两打,每箱毛重25公斤。

Ten bottles are put into a box and 100 boxes into a carton. 10支装入一小盒,100盒装入一个纸箱。

This would discourage people from trying their hand on such packing. 人们不轻易使用这种包装。

No charge will be allowed for packages. 包装容器不收费。

The case was a substantial one, with sufficient packing used. 此箱坚固,使用了足够的包装材料。

I'm afraid the cardboard boxes are not strong enough for ocean transportation. 我担心远洋运输用纸箱不结实。

Such shirts packed in cardboard cartons can save freight cost. 使用硬纸箱包装这批衬衣可以节省运费。

We prefer packing in smaller cases. 我们宁愿用小箱子包装。

We advocate using smaller container to pack the goods. 我们主张用小容器包装这批货。

We use metal angles at each corner of the carton. 每个箱角都用金属角加固。

Each case is lined with foam plastics in order to protect the goods against press. 箱子里垫有泡沫塑料以免货物受压。

The canned goods are to be packed in cartons with double straps. 罐装货物在纸箱里,外面加两道箍。

You must reinforce the packing with metal straps. 你们必须用铁箍加固包装。

The goods are to be packed in strong export cases, securely strapped. 货物应该用坚固的出口木箱包装,并且牢牢加箍。

Shirts are to be packed in plastic-lined water-proof cartons. 衬衣应放在内衬塑料防水的箱子里。

We use a polythene wrapper for each shirt. 每件衬衣都用聚乙烯袋包装。

The fountain pen is placed in a satin-covered small box, lined with beautiful silk ribbon. 金笔装在一个锦缎小盒里,再用一条漂亮的绸带系在外面。

On the outer packing, please mark wording, "Handle with Care". 在外包装上请标明“小心轻放”字样。

Every 100 dozen should be packed in a wooden case marked TM and numbered from No. 1 upward. 每100打装一箱,刷上唛头TM,从第一号开始往上循序编号。

Please mark the cases(boxes,bags,casks,etc)as per the drawing given. 请按所给的图样在(盒、袋、桶等等)上刷唛头。

Please cable packing and marks. 请电告包装及唛头式样。

We will mark the packages the same as before. 我们将在货包上刷上和以前一样的唛头。

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