自驾出游小贴士 告诉你合理整理行李

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When you go on a road trip, do you overpack or underpack? How do you travel with children and pets? I’ve learned to go somewhere in the middle. Whether the destination is a 2-hour or over 16-hour trip, planning, organization and flexibility are key to keeping one’s sanity.


Give yourself at least a week to prepare.


I usually start packing a week in advance, that way I’m not rushing at the last minute to get everything together. It’s not even perfect but I do something as ridiculously simple as getting the suitcases out and laying them in the spare room or some open space and just start with one or two things I know I’ll need.


自驾出游小贴士 告诉你合理整理行李

Write a checklist.写一张清单

I also have a checklist with boxes to tick off on Evernote. Those I use for the longer trips. By now I have it down pat though, so a mental checklist works too. If you’re not sure where to get started, head over to Pinterest and search for "packing" or "travel lists" where there are many great detailed checklists you can then either use as is or tweak to fit your needs.


Pack food and drinks.打包食物和饮品

Pack enough food that you’re not hangry (hungry/angry) but not too much that you’re overloaded. Pack healthier foods to eat on the road so you don’t have to rely on junk food. We bring those coolers with wheels that you could put ice packs in and they’ll keep food and drinks cool.


Pack enough for emergencies.打包足够多应对物品

I’ve found having an emergency first kit, extra diapers, clothes, plastic bags, snacks and water bottles on hand is always a good idea. For pets, we keep meals, snacks, plastic bags, water and dishes handy. We also have hand sanitizer, wipes, paper towels, toilet paper and an empty jar for other emergencies.


Pre-charge all devices.给所有些设施提前充好电

Get all devices like cell phones, tablets, Kindle readers charged. Also have extra batteries or chargers on hand. Allow yourself plenty of time to get to your destination safely.


If you are able to, travel during off-peak hours so you’re not neck-to-neck in traffic with other road travelers. Have Google Maps or other traffic apps ready for review so you could seekalternate routes in case you’re stuck in traffic.


Finally on the road, opt for safety above all things. Err on the side of caution and keep a good following distance if at all possible.


Take breaks if you need to, especially if there are scenic points with picnic benches where you could eat.


Enjoy the ride and the time spent with family. Think of the memories you create from traveling with those you love.


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