体育最好时刻 他扶着弟弟越过终点线

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An elite triathlon race in Mexico ended dramatically Sunday with one brother helping another across the finish line.


At the final race of the World Triathlon Series in Cozumel, Mexico, Jonny Brownlee of Britain was leading with less than half a mile to go when he slowed and staggered over to a water station. His brother, Alistair, in a battle for second with Henri Schoeman of South Africa, veered over, pulled Jonny’s arm over his shoulder and began hauling him along. Meanwhile, Schoeman raced on for the win.

在墨西哥科苏梅尔的铁人三项世界系列赛决赛中,处于领先地方的英国选手乔尼?布朗利(Jonny Brownlee)在比赛进行到只剩不到半英里时放慢了速度,踉踉跄跄地拐向一处补水站。此时,正在与南非选手亨利?斯库曼(Henri Schoeman)争夺2、的哥哥阿利斯泰尔(Alistair)调转方向来到乔尼跟前,拉起乔尼的胳膊搭在自己肩上,开始拖着他跑。同时,斯库曼继续向1、进发。

When the Brownlees reached the finish, Alistair pushed Jonny across the line in second. Jonny immediately collapsed. He was admitted to a hospital, suffering from dehydration.


Though a protest was filed, the result stood, perhaps surprisingly.


Although it seemed clear that Jonny would have had difficulty finishing without his brother’s aid, Appendix K, Rule 7 of the official triathlon rules allows athletes to receive assistance from either race officials or other athletes.


“If it had happened to anyone, I would have helped them across the line,” Alistair said. “It’s an awful position to be in. If he conked out before the finish there, and there isn’t medical support, it was a dangerous position to be in.”


The Brownlees have dominated the sport for years. Alistair, 28, is the two-time defending Olympic champion, and Jonny, 26, won the bronze in 2012 and silver in 2016.


Had Jonny hung on to win, he would have clinched the series title. Instead, that title went to Mario Mola of Spain, who was fifth in the race.

假如乔尼坚持下去,取得此次比赛的冠军,他会获得系列赛冠军头衔。但冠军头衔最后花落西班牙选手马里奥?莫拉(Mario Mola),他在本次比赛中名列第五。

The brotherly affection, of course, was a feel-good story on social media, with fellow athletes like the basketball player Pau Gasol and the heptathlete Jessica Ennis-Hill weighing in:

在社交媒体上,兄弟情当然是一个被人心生感触的故事。篮球运动员保罗?加索尔(Pau Gasol)和七项全能运动员杰茜卡?恩尼斯-希尔(Jessica Ennis-Hill)等人纷纷加入讨论:

This is why I love sports! Amazing gesture by @AliBrownleetri helping his brother @jonny_brownlee finish! #Triathlon — Pau Gasol


Incredible! I have so much respect for @AliBrownleetri and @jonny_brownlee #sportatitsbest — Jessica Ennis-Hill


The finish might have reminded many of another British athlete getting help from a relative to finish a big race. At the 1992 Olympics, Derek Redmond tore his hamstring during a 400-meter heat, but decided to try to hobble to the finish. His father raced out of the stands and helped him to the finish.

终点处的这一幕,或许会让不少人想起另一名在亲人的帮忙下完成重大比赛的英国运动员。在1992年的奥运会上,德雷克?雷蒙德(Derek Redmond)在400米预赛中拉伤了腘绳肌腱,但仍决定要一瘸一拐地完成比赛。他爸爸从看台上跑下去,帮助他来到终点线前。

In the women’s 5,000 meters at this year’s Olympics, the American Abbey D’Agostino and Nikki Hamblin of New Zealand collided and fell, then helped each other across the line.

在今年的奥运会女子5000米比赛中,美国的阿贝?达戈斯蒂诺(Abbey D’Agostino)和新西兰的尼基?汉布林(Nikki Hamblin)相撞倒地,之后两人相互扶持着越过了终点线。

In the marathon, sisters Anna and Lisa Hahner of Germany finished hand-in-hand. But German track officials were critical, accusing them of treating the Olympic marathon “like a fun run.”

在马拉松比赛中,德国选手安娜?哈纳和丽莎?哈纳(Anna and Lisa Hahner)姐妹两人手拉着手跨过终点。但德国径赛官员对此持批评态度,指责她们视奥运会马拉松比赛“好似儿戏”。

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