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1. Close/Shut one's ears to……: 不听(坏的或不愉快 的东西)。“I am one of those who often shut their ears to gossips.”

2. Keep one's ear to the ground: 确定会发生的事。 “You may not know every happening , but you must keep your ear to the ground.”

3. Turn a deaf ear to……: 对…充耳不闻 .“As Ben does not respect Jean, he often turns a deaf ear to what she has said.”

4. Clap eyes on……: 惊奇地看。“I have never clapped eyes on such a funny person before.”

5. Catch one's eye: 引起注意。 “Noelle was reading. All of a sudden, something strange caught her eye.”

6. Can't take one's eyes off……: 禁不住地看。 “The girl going past the crowd was so attractive that the people could not take their eyes off her.”

7. Keep one's eyes open/ peeled (for……): 注意… “When on a country road, the picnickers kept their eyes peeled for a campsite.”

8. Bring someone face to face with……: 必须面对不愉快的… “The rich man was brought face to face with his only son's poor performance in school work.”

9. Lose face: 丢脸。 “The officer-in-charge risks losing face if he confesses the error made.”

10. Save face : 保留面子。 “To save face, Tony withdrew from the contest so as not to admit defeat in public.”

11. Make one's mouth water : 使人流口水。 “The food looked so delicious that it made everyone's mouth water.”

12. Poke one's nose into……: 爱管闲事。 “Lily is notorious for poking her nose into others' business.”

13. Keep one's nose out of…… : 别管闲事 “I make a point of keeping my nose out of others' private affairs.”

14.Nose……out:费力打听…“Newspaper reports prefer nosing out anecdotes about political figures.”

15. Look……in the eye: 注视… “Dare you look your boss in the eye?”

16. With an eye to the main chance: 牟私利 “Evid ence shows that the manager made the proposal with an eye to the main chance.”

17. Fall on deaf ears:没被听取。“Elderly people often ask youngsters to behave themselves, but their kind-hearted advice tends to fall on deaf ears.”

18. Turn up one's nose at……: 对…嗤之以鼻。 “I'm sick of Mr Wei, who often turns up his nose at others.”

19. Pull a long face: 愁眉苦脸。“What's wrong? You have been pulling a long face since this morning.”

20. Keep one's nose clean: 避开麻烦。 “Ahmad has been in prison before. If he doesn't keep his nose clean, he may be in for trouble again.”

21. Keep one's nose to the grindstone: 不停地工作。 “You will have to keep your nose to the grind stone if you intend to finish this paperwork in one day.”

22. Keep a straight face: 保持严肃样子。“The old man looked so funny that it was hard to keep a straight face.”

23. Let's face it: 面对现实。“Don't take cheating in examinations too seriously. Let's face it, we have cheated before, haven't we?”


take a dim view of……:不赞成

“The director takes a dim view of his secretary coming to office after him.”

take a leaf out of someone's book:学某人的样子

“Peter excels in academic work, but his younger brother doesn't. I think he should take a leaf out of Peter's book. ”

take advantage of……:利用……

“It's unethical to take advantage of an innocent girl./ Language students should take advantage of modern facilities for constant language practice.”


“This morning, I was in a hurry and did not greet the director. I hope he won't take it amiss.”

take……as read:当作大家都已知道

“The news has been announced, so it should be taken as read.”

take……by storm:使……大吃一惊;攻占

“The latest Italian designs have taken the fashion world by storm./The soldiers took the enemy's fort by storm.”

take……in one's stride:冷静处理……

“David took the problems in his stride and solved them one by one.”

not take no for an answer:不准人家拒绝

“What Mr Li said was mandatory; he would not take no for an answer.”

take one's pick:任意选择

“Every book here is for one dollar only, so take your pick.”

take shape:形成

“The dissertation has taken shape and will be submitted to the academic supervisor for vetting.”

take the floor:站起来讲话

“All clapped when the guest speaker took the floor.”

take the lid off……:揭露……

“The government took the lid off its intention to deal with racial extremists.”

take the plunge:采取断然行动

“Sharon has been thinking of furthering her studies abroad. Yesterday, she took the plunge and would depart in three months' time.”

take the rough with the smooth:是好是歹,一起承受

“There are advantages and disadvantages of being a teacher. One has to take the rough with the smooth.”

take……to task for……:因……而责备……

“The teacher took Robert to task for not wearing the school uniform.”

take……under one's wing:庇护……

“It is the duty of the elder brother to take the young brother under his wing.”

take……for granted:把……当着自然的事

“I took it for granted that you would come along, so I bought you a ticket./ Don't take promotion for granted; everything depends on your actual performance.”

take one up on one's offer:接受邀请

“I'm pleased to take you up on your offer of a buffet lunch.”

take one's hat off to……:欣赏或敬佩……

“There are more and more voluntary workers in our society. I have to take my hat off to them.”

take……to heart:对……耿耿于怀

“The manager criticised Angela's work this morning, and she took his criticism, though small, to heart.”


put in an appearance:露脸

“As is often the case, the director will put in an appearance in every office and then leave.”

put…… in the picture:把近况告诉……

“What new machines have been acquired? The manager wants the purchasing officer to put him in the picture.”

put…… in the shade:使……逊色

“The three winning essays have put all the others in the shade.”

put…… on the map:让……出名

“Some popular new products put the manufacturers on the map.”

put…… off the scent:误导……

“The suspect managed to put the police off the scent by directing them to a wrong place.”

put on airs:摆架子

“I avoid talking to those who are arrogant and putting on airs too much.”

put…… on his guard:劝……当心

“Rumours that the company will lay off staff put some on the guard.”

put…… on a pedestal:把……当偶像崇拜

“Many students put their knowledgeable teachers on a pedestal by accepting their ideas without question.”

put out feelers:放出触角

“The two political parties seem to be interested in a compromise, so they have started putting out feelers.”

put a spoke in someone's wheel:妨碍某人的计划

“The research grant has been approved and should come to us soon unless someone puts a spoke in our wheel.”

put one's money on……:对……有把握

“The ruling party will win the general election again. I can put my money on it.”

put "paid" to……:结束……;毁掉

“A sudden serious illness put 'paid' to Michael's chances of taking part in the long-distance race.”

put the lid on……:禁止……

“There have been reports about information insecurity. The police are determined to do something to put the lid on any further leakage of confidential news.”

put one's thinking cap on……:动脑筋想

“This is a thorny issue, which requires your putting your thinking cap on.”

put one through one's paces:考验某人的本领

“The purpose of having a series of seminars is to put the participants through their paces.”

put…… through the mill:使……经历磨练

“At the interview, the interviewers asked difficult questions with a view to putting every interviewee through the mill.”

put someone's name forward:正式提某人的名

“Many members put Joe's name forward to serve on the Town Council.”

put it down to experience:从经验中学习

“Everyone has a bitter taste of failure; never mind! Put it down to experiene.”

put…… behind……:尝试把……忘掉

“Our national team should put last night's defeat behind it and concentrate on the coming match.”

to put it bluntly:不客气地说

“To put it bluntly, the man you recommended is just not good enough for the job.”







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