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In this argument, the arguer concludes that …doing…will lead to …To support the conclusion, the arguer points out that…In addition, the arguer reasons that…

The argument suffers from several critical fallacies.

自己应该干吗 依据察看和现象

自己改正 依据因果

In this argument, the arguer recommends that … should advise … to …To justify this claim, the arguer provides the evidence that… Thus… should follow the study’s recommendation and … in order to …

自己尝试新办法 依据预测 和 假想

The conclusion in this argument is that … can expect to … by doing … In support of this prediction, the arguer claims that … Moreover, the arguer assumes that this attempt has … benefits:1) to; 2)to; 3)to; This argument is fraught with vague, oversimplified, and unwarranted assumptions.


In this argument, the arguer advocates that … should … This recommendation is based on the observation that … Meanwhile, the arguer assumes … to be a better choice … because … This argument is problematic for … reasons.

自己应该干吗 依据其他州的状况

In this analysis, the arguer claims that … should … To substantiate the conclusion, the arguer cites the example of … where … In addition, the arguer assumes that … This argument is unconvincing for several critical flaws.


The major problem with this argument is that …

Another flaw that weakens this argument is that. …

In addition, the arguer ignores several factors that might undermine the argument.

… the arguer fails to consider several other relevant factors that might influence …

For instance … since … what’s more … etc.


When samples are used to make general claims about a particular group, the samples should be close enough in time to the generation they are used to support, so that historical changes will not invalidate the generalization

调查survey 的问题:

The sample of the survey conducted by the … is vague.

But we are told nothing about the way the poll was conducted and how well it represented the public opinions..(民意测验)

How many people participated?

The sample of the survey is not representative.


(平均值)The study revealed, on average, only a small statistical correlation between

(实验的数据不靠谱) the data of the research is unconvincing (样本太小)

the sample is too small to… (光数字没比率)

the ratio of four to six

there is only figures but no proportion of the survey 还是ratio?

Insufficient Sample

If the [respondents] only stand for a tiny proportion of the whole [group], we should not be so sure about the conclusion that [the whole group…]

The arguer commits a fallacy of hasty generalization.

It was only carried out in Sun City, but the arguer applies its result to all the company’s markets while doesn’t show us whether Sun City is a representative market of the whole markets.


不良反应 有些病人会对抗生素过敏


But the problem is that the two situations are not similar enough to justify the analogical deduction.


The comparison in this argument is incomplete and selective. The arguer discovers that …

However, the arguer fails to provide any information regarding … respectively …


Furthermore the arguer ignores the possibility that … may … Unless the arguer also takes this factor into consideration, the comparison is unconvincing.

It is very likely that … and hence… varies significantly.


Confusing causal relation with correlation

the arguer commits a fallacy of hasty generalization. Even if the maintenance of the airline has been improved as a result of sending its mechanics to the Seminar, which is, of course, an unwarranted assumption, it does not follow that 即使如何,也不如何

Finally, the arguer hints that … but he fails to analyze the causes. Is it because… or because … ?



The fact that … does not necessarily imply that …

First of all, the argument is based on a hasty generalization. According to the cited studies … which is understandable.

It is very likely that … and hence… varies significantly.


the actual amount of time for doing … respectively …

The survey is based on two isolated examples. The arguer should survey more hospitals of both types.

How large was the sample

How many people participated?

What extent do this participators improve their …speed?

The arguer fails to indicate the attitude of the residents to the ABC’s performance.


The arguer commits a fallacy of begging the question in assuming that …



To sum up, the conclusion lacks credibility because the evidence cited in the analysis does not lend strong support to what the arguer maintains. To strengthen the argument, the arguer would have to provide more evidence concerning the percentage of the affected families and their geographical distribution.

In summary, the conclusion reached in this argument is invalid and misleading.

In conclusion, the arguer fails to establish a causal relationship between …To strengthen the argument, the arguer would have to provide evidence that …To better evaluate the argument, we would need more information about …

As it stands, the argument is not well reasoned. To make it logically acceptable, the arguer would have to demonstrate that … is the only condition that …Additionally, the arguer must provide evidence to rule out other possible causes of the …

To conclude, this argument is not persuasive as it stands.

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