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1、surprising that science seed。惊奇就是科学的种子。

2、hypocrisy and fraud is the mother of all evil。虚伪及欺诈是一切罪恶之母。

3、reading is to the brain, still sports the body。读书之于脑,犹运动之于身体。

4、the secret of education is: respect for the students。教育的秘诀是:尊重学生。

5、books for wisdom, like gymnastics for the body。书对于智慧,也像体操对于身体一样。

6、reading for wisdom, like gymnastics for the body。读书对于智慧,就像体操对于身体一样。

7、"year" taught many of us do not know the "day" thing。“年”教给我们许多“日”不懂的东西。

8、restless and discontent is the first necessity of progress。好动与不满足是进步的第一必须品。

9、the most obvious sign of great men, is his strong will。伟大人物最明显标志,就是他坚强的意志。

10、imagination lead to ideas, knowledge and vision into reality。想象力引发构想,而知识实现构想。

11、we often do not see through things, and never can be done。我们常常不能看透的事,终久可以做到。

12、modesty is not only an ornament, but also a guard to virtue。谦虚不仅是一种装饰品,也是美德的护卫。

13、that genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration。天才那就是1%的灵感加上99%的汗水。

14、when you want to succeed, you should use persistence as your good friend。当你希望成功,当以恒心为良友。

15、i do not think i am a genius, but to make every effort to do it。我不以为我是天才,只是竭尽全力去做而已。

16、life is too short to do things too much, i want to race against time。人生太短,要干的事太多,我要争分夺秒。

17、the so-called genius, and that is a lie, the hard work is real。所谓天才,那就是假话,勤奋的工作才是实在的。

18、there is no expedient that people can escape the real work – thinking。没有任何权宜之计可以让人逃避真正的劳动——思考。

19、to succeed, we must first standing goal, then concentrate on the goal。要成功,首先必须立定目标,然后集中精神向目标迈进。

20、life is too short, the thing is so many hardships and can not carry it?人生太短暂了,事情是这样的多,能不兼程而进吗?


21、whenever, in any case, i will not allow myself a little frustrated。无论何时,不管怎样,我也绝不允许自己有一点灰心丧气。

22、i asked someone looking for an excuse, but do not make excuses for yourself。要替别人寻找借口,但千万不要替自己找借口。

23、education of pondering soul, like sculpture art of marble sculpture generator。教育之琢磨心灵,有如雕塑术之将大理石雕塑成器。

24、whatever you do, or to make a brilliant achievement, or to fail brilliant。不管你做什么,要么就做出辉煌的成就,要么就辉煌地失败。

25、life in the world is short, this short life, our best reward is work。人生在世界是短暂的(www.1juzi.com),对这短暂的人生,我们最好的报答就是工作。

26、thinking is not determined to train people, they lost the greatest pleasure in life。不下决心培养思考的人,便失去了生活中的最大乐趣。

27、i can not give up my day job, because i have done every thing i am very happy。我一天也不能放弃工作,因为我所做的每一件事情都令我感到很愉快。

28、we must be daring, only progress。 our lamp system is not utopian, nor reckless。必须敢干,才有进展。我们的电灯系统并不是空想,也不是莽撞。

29、good character in gold gold; the former is a natural talent, which is given destiny。良好的性格贵于黄金黄金;前者是自然的天赋,后者是命运的赐予。

30、music is the only way to indulge without compromising the enjoyment of moral and religious ideas。音乐是唯一可以纵情而不会损害道德和宗教观念的享受。

31、cultivate character is the main purpose of education, although it can not be the sole purpose。性格的培育是教育的主要目的,虽然它不能算是唯一的目的。

32、in small, medium and university is something that is not education itself, but a means of education。在小、中、大学所学的东西,并非教育本身,而是教育的手段。

33、things are not having a true value can not go through the hard work and can be hard to get。世间没有一种具有真正价值的东西,可以不经过艰苦辛勤劳动而能够得到的。

34、friendship can enhance pleasure and reduce pain; because it doubled our joy, sharing our worries。友谊能增进快乐,减轻痛苦;因为它能倍增我们的喜悦,分担我们的烦忧。

35、a person must first go through difficulties, and then into the good times, it felt good enough, comfortable。一个人要先经过困难,然后踏入顺境,才觉得受用、舒服。

36、encountered difficulties, i never discouraged …… successful three conditions are diligent effort and try。遇到困难时,我决不灰心……成功的三个条件是勤勉、努力和尝试。

37、imagine must be hot, to be able to make it to the outside world the image of something imprinted received left。想像必须是热的,才能够使它以外界的东西所收到的形象留下模印。

38、books are genius leaves to mankind's heritage, from generation to generation, it is given to those people not yet born gift。书籍是天才留给人类的遗产,世代相传,更是给予那些尚未出世的人的礼物。

39、pride is a good quality, so that only those noble disposition motivated or trained personnel possess good education。荣誉感是一种优良的品质,因而只有那些禀性高尚积极向上或受过良好教育的人才具备。

40、if people can compassion, charity, humane acts to weed out the seeds, the infestation can wipe out more than half of life。如果人们都能以同情、慈善,以人道的行径来剔除祸根,则人生的灾患便可消灭过半。


Thomas Edison


Born in 1847 in Ohio, Thomas Edison attended school for only three months. After his teacher claimed that he could not learn, Edison's mother decided to teach him at home. There he was allowed to explore the subjects that most interested him. By age ten, Edison had built a science laboratory in the basement of his family's home and had become an avid experimenter.


Edison got his first job at age twelve on the railway selling candy and newspapers. Three years later, he suffered an ear injury from a train accident and lost much of his hearing. He could have had an operation, but he refused He insisted that being deaf helped him concentrate on his experiments.


Thomas Edison's first invention was the automatic telegraph repeater. He was already an expert on the telegraph before he came up with a gadget that sent telegraph signals between unmanned stations. Thanks to Edison, people were then able to send several telegraph messages simultaneously.


Next came the electric vote recorder. It made voting quicker and more accurate, yet no one wanted to buy it Edison then moved on to tackle the stock market ticker, the machine that gave information about stock market prices Edison improved it, and sold the rights for US$40,OOO.


In his late twenties, Edison built an "invention factory" where he and his business partners could dedicate all their time to inventing. After improving upon the telephone, Edison created the phonograph, his favorite and most lucrative invention. Although Edison did not actually invent the light bulb, he did create an electric lighting system which led to its widespread use.


A tireless achiever, Edison established the first central electric power station in 1882, enabling New York to be the first city in the world to have electric lights. This was the beginning of the modern world in which electricity became a way of life.


Thomas Edison died at the age of eighty-four in 1931. Three days later, much of America dimmed its lights in honor of the inventor—man who had more impact on the development of present-day civilization than anyone else in history.










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