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xxx, male, born on october xxth , xxxx, has accomplished an internship in the investment promotion agency of ministry of commerce, p.r.china from july xxth, xxxx to september xxth, xxxx. during his internship, he acted as the assistant of the director of the project development department. his work resposibility includes the daily operation of the department’s reception work , translation of the documents and external relations with the economic offices of foreign embassies in china.

contents of the internship:

july xxth, xxxx, attended china-japan-korea science & technology cooperation forum on new and renewable energy, he prepared some background materials for the director.

august xxth, xxxx, attended the clean energy resource forum held by australian government department of foreign affairs and trade, he mainly in charge of the translation work for relevant materials.

september 10th , xxxx, press conference of the world innovation and investment promotion platform in the twelfth china international fair for investment & trade held in xiamen fujian province, he participated in the inviting work for the foreign experts ,officials and representatives.


during the internship he put much effort into his work and study. he had been not only proficient at english,but also at thinking and solving problems and never hesitated asking senior co-workers when difficulties are met. the student also does well in putting academic theories into practice, guaranteeing the quality and quantity of the work done. at the same time, he adheres to the work regulations of cipa, respects and gets along with others well, co-workers all speak highly to the student whose performance impressed both the department’s leaders and colleagues.

time: xx/xx/xxxx

signature of director:

stamp of the investment promotion agency of ministry of commerce, p.r. china


DearAdmissions Officer:

Iam writing this letter to support the admission of XXX to the Harvard GraduateSchool, Statistic. I was Mr. X's internship Referral and advisor for severalyears between 2010 and 2011. We have met and talked several times since.

Mr. X'sacademic credentials are truly exceptional. He not only knows how to reasonwith numbers and data, but how to render incisive and imaginative practices in mathematic.He performed perfectly in all his tasks. Whether rendering a spread sheetanalysis, making a model or writing a report, XXX always demonstrated uncannymastery combined with critical wit. While many of the staff members I have metperformed very well in the company, X alone has completed work that meetswith tastes of senior managers. Even more importantly he offered new ideaswhich we could comprehend and even assimilate.

Unlike most ofhis colleagues I have talked in the XXXXX, Mr. X immersedhimself in American culture. He composed a joke as part of his firstpresentation analyzing a current plan. It worked. His colleagues laughed and Iwas witness to masterful culture spanning. X came to us a confidentindividualist uniquely suited to cultural cross fertilization.

X has a deepreservoir of talent and ambition. He has already accomplished a great deal inthe face of considerable challenge. He has worked hard making use of eachopportunity for improvement, and produced an impressive record for one who hasenjoyed no special privilege. Tan possesses and uses an easygoing manner andspirited conviviality to put people at ease. He can easily make people tobelieve him. In addition, X has special self-study and is experienced inprogramming, especially in C/C++, as well as his intelligent judgment. He learnedearly on the painful lessons of C language, and has learned how to write thepointer and algorithm to make “accepting”. I have every confidence that he willuse this considerable knowledge to tackle completed problems and study on alarger scale.

While as an internshipmember in our company, X took a lot of tasks under the help of the directorof the Financial Analyst. Financial Analysis, a cumbersome and stressful jobcorrelated with technical analysis and XXXX in stock market. Tanshowed wonderful digital sensitivity for graphic grasp and analysis.

X is smart.But more important he has acquired wisdom in the statistic and programming. Hewants to expand his considerable fund of wisdom and use it to provide statisticimprovement from the U.S. to China. XXX's ambitions and abilities are in sync.He is poised and prepared to take this next step in an exciting journey. Notonly will managers and staff thank you for admitting such a fine candidate, butso too will those employees, customers and citizens who will benefit from hisfuture employ.








dear sir:

it is my pleasure to recommend mr. craig for his application to work in your school. mr. craig has been an english teacher in my school (new generation foreign language school) since september 2004. his major responsibilities include information collecting, analyzing, teaching and translating. he is an enthusiastic and progressive young man with extremely high potentiality. he often participated in extracurricular activities contributing a great deal to school. mr. craig is not only quick at learning and good at solving difficult teaching problems, but also with a logical mind that enables him to effectively analyze difficulties. all the work handed to him was completed satisfactorily. actually, he is so reliable that i assign him with heavy responsibilities. with his help, i have been able to spend more time in making student’s excellent english speaking ability. i really consider myself very fortunate to have such a capable teacher.

i am certain his diligence, coupled with a good competence and pleasant personality, will assure him of big achievements for your school. i strongly recommend this promising young man without any reservation and your favorable consideration and assistance to him will be very much appreciated.

sincerely yours









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