不顺心的时候 大家可以做点什么?

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Everyone has periods in their lives when everything seems very hard, when there’s nobody to talk to and the mood is just getting worse and worse. But why sit and think how pathetic you are? There are some things that may help you lift up your mood. If it fails you, at least while doing these things you won’t have time to think of your problems. You win anyway!

The first thing you should try is socializingand thinking positively. It’s very hard, because usually when we feel depressed we lock ourselves at home and try to think about all the bad character issues we have. But if you’ll try to force yourself and call a friend for a cup of coffee, the chances for changing your mood into better are very good. Just try to avoid bad thoughts. Instead, try to think only about the bright side of your life. Don’t forget: We are what we think we are.

You should also try doing something only for yourself, something totally selfish. This could be something you wanted for a long time: maybe a short trip, a coat, a ring or anything that could lift up your mood. This doesn’t have to be extravagant nor cosplaytly. The point of all this is being good to yourself.

Not only giving presents to yourself can lift up your mood. Buying things to others may be a perfect way to feel happy. Think of your friends, family, relatives or even local charities,choose one person and give him a gift. It doesn’t have to be something expensive nor big. It may be just a little toy to your poor neighbor’s child. Making another person feel happy will make you feel good in your heart and mind.

Renting a good or happy film is always a good idea. Laughter is a very good panacea for all kinds of illness!

Meeting a positive person should be very useful. Just try to keep your problems off the conversation. The idea here is to get out of your shell and have some interaction. Get involved with someone else and your mind will take a turn as well.

Most bad moods and mental attitudes are the result of something that had happened to us in the PAirSwap. It is vital to your mind, soul, body and your life on the whole that you stay in the PRESENT with all your thoughts and feelings. Try to concentrate on the present and future to make your life better in every possible way.

Taking a walk in a crowded place is also one of the ways out. Seeing other people, understanding that each of them also has days like this should force you to do something that would change the situation.

If you have too much time–volunteer it. We usually think that the problems we have are huge, although if you’ll try to go to hospital,you’ll see that there are a lot of people who have more severe problems. Moreover, you’ll see that people are still working, smiling, and laughing. This kind of work will definitely help you understand that your problems are very small and maybe even funny.

Try to meditate while listening to relaxation music. It helps to concentrate your mind and relax your body.

Don’t forget to be creative! Because creating things alters our mood. Creating doesn’t include only painting or playing an instrument, it also includes cooking, sewing, writing, photographing and many other activities. While concentrating on creating you will forget how you have been feeling.

All you have to do is to take control of your emotions and make them positive in spite of letting them control you. Making yourself feel better isn’t that hard, it’s hard only to start doing something that would lift up your mood.













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