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Key Sentences(重点句子)

171.I recognized your voice right away.


172.I’m calling to ask you some question about Jim,you knowhim,don’t you?


173.Oh,Mary,I’d better go now.


174.Is the boss coming by?


175.OK.I’ll let you get back to your work.


176.I’ll call you again later,OK?


177.Call me at home.


178.Certainly,I’ll make sure he gets your message.


179.Hello!Is that you,Tom?


180.I’d know your voice anywhere.


181.I can’t believe I got hold of you at last.


182.I tried to contact you by phone several times,but you werenot in.


183.Oh,somebody’s at the door.I have to go.


184.And I have to say“good-bye”.


185.Nice talking to you.


186.Same here,bye-bye.


187.What’s your FAX number,please?


188.I’ll think about it and call you back to discuss it to some de-tails soon.


189.I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you.


Dialogue A

(A:Mary B:Julia)

A:Hello.I wish to speak to Julia.

B:This is Julia speaking.

A:Oh,how do you do,Julia.This is Mary speaking.

B:Mary,I recognized your voice right away.I’m glad you calledme.

A:Julia,listen,um…I’m calling to ask you some questions aboutJim,you know him,don’t you?


A:What’s he like?

B:Well,why are you asking adout Jim?

A:Well,I want to try and get a part-time job at his store…

B:Oh,well,Jim’s a nice guy…I mean he’ll give you decenthours,a decent wage,and plenty of breaks.

A:Well,that sounds good.Um,what does he look like?I’ve gotto meet him at the Sunset Restaurant for lunch and I can’t re-member.

B:Oh,well,he’s about thirty-six…




B:…oh,has dark,wavy hair with a little gray at the temples.

A:Oh,sounds kind of nice.


A:Um,is he,a formal kind of guy,or does he dress casually?

B:Oh,he rarely dresses casually.He always wears three-piece suitsand ties——dresses very much in style.Oh ,Mary,I’d better gonow.

A.Is the boss coming by?

B:Yeah,and I have to finish this report by four.

A:OK.I’ll let you get back to your work.

B:I’ll call you again later,OK?

A:Call me at home.I want to hear all about him.

B:(business like,to cover up)Certainly,I’ll make sure he getsyour message.Good-bye.

Dialogue B

(A:Philip B:Tom)

A:Hello!Is that you,Tom?

B:Philip!Yes,this is Tom.

A:Oh,how do you know it’s me?

B:I’d know your voice anywhere.

A:I can’t believe I got hold of you at last.And what have you be-ing doing?

B:Yeah,I haven’t been home a lot lately.And I’ve had a lot ofwork and social engagements.Oh,Philip,when did you getback to London?

A:I just came back about a week ago,I tried to contact you byphone several times,but you were not in.

B:Sorry,Sorry.Did you have a nice holiday,then?

A:Lovely.I went to Scotland and travelled aroud.

B:Did you go up to the Highlands?

A:No.I stayed at a hotel near Loch Lomond for a few days andcame back to London down the west coast.

B:Did you have good weather?

A:Quite good,and everybody was very kind.People aren’t quitesuch a hurry up there you know.

B:How I admire you!Oh,I feel like I’m under too much strainthese days.I need a holiday indeed.

A:Well,I suppose so.

B:Oh,somebody’s at the door.I have to go.And I have to say“good-bye”.Nice talking to you.

A:Same here,bye-bye.

Dialogue C

(A:Receiver B:Mr.Kent)

A:Hello,Australian Trading Company.Can I help you?

B:Hello.Yes.This is Mr.Kent of Oriental Ltd.We are interestedin the carpets advertised by you and I think the carpet will finda ready market in our country.

A:May I have your specific inquiry?If you make an inquiry,wecan offer you firm.

B:Could you give me some idea about your prices?

A:Well,if you please,I can send our price sheets to you by fax.

What’s your fax number,please?

B:6885486.If your prices are favourable,we can place the order.

A:By the way,enquiries for carpets are getting more numerous.

You’d better place your order as soon as possible.

B:I see.Well,I’ll think about it and call you back to discuss it tosome details soon.

A:OK,I’ll be looking forwad to hearing from you.Good-bye.


Words and Expressions

recognize vt.认识到;辨别;承认

past-time 逝去的时光

guy n.〈美俚语〉家伙;人

decent a.1.正派的;端庄的


wage n.[常用复数][按周发的]薪资

temple n.太阳穴,额头

formal a.正式的;外表的

casually a.偶然的,不注意的

rarely ad.极少;罕有

style n.文风;风格;时髦

businesslike a.认真的;一板一眼的

social a.社会的;社交的,交际的

engagement n.订婚,婚约;约定,约会

Highlands n.高地,高原

Scotland n.苏格兰

coast n.海岸,海滨

hurry up 匆忙;慌忙

admire v.羡慕,赞赏,钦佩

stair n.楼梯

suppose vt.让;猜想;假定

Loch Lomond (地名)洛蒙德湖

carpet n.地毯

advertise vt.为……做广告

market n.(买卖)市场;菜市(场)

inquiry n.询问;调查

firm n.商号;商行

sheet n.被单;(一)张,(一)片;大片

favourable a.好意的;赞成的;顺利的

place the order 定购;订购

enquiry n.调查;询问

numerous a.数目大的,数目更多的

detail n.细节;详细情况

look forward to 渴望

hear from 收……的来信

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