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A Japanese medical university has systematicallydiscriminated against female applicants becausewomen tend to quit as doctors after startingfamilies, media reports have alleged.


The Yomiuri Shimbun newspaper said Tokyo MedicalUniversity had manipulated the entrance examresults of women since about 2011 to keep thefemale student population low.


Quoting unidentified sources, it said the manipulation started after the proportion ofsuccessful applicants who were women reached 38% in 2010.


Other Japanese media, including NHK and Kyodo News, also reported claims of exammanipulation. Quoting unnamed sources, NHK said female applicants' scores were slashed byabout 10% in some years.


The allegation surfaced during the university's investigation of a separate scandal in whichits former director was accused of granting admission to the son of a senior educationbureaucrat in exchange for a favour.


The school's public affairs department said officials were surprised by the Yomiuri Shimbunreport and had no knowledge of the reported manipulation. It promised to look into thematter.


Yoshiko Maeda, the head of the Japan Medical Women's Association, said it was astonishingthat women were being stripped of their right to seek entry to the medical profession.


"Instead of worrying about women quitting jobs, they should do more to create anenvironment where women can keep working," Maeda said in a statement on the association'sFacebook page. "And we need working-style reform, which is not just to prevent overworkdeaths but to create a workplace where everyone can perform to the best of their abilityregardless of gender."


In Japan, many female graduates face discrimination in hiring and pay. Long working hoursand lack of support in child-rearing from their husbands often force them to give up theircareers. As birth rates remain low, many workplaces including hospitals are chronically short-staffed.


This year a health, labour and welfare ministry panel urged medical institutions to allow moreflexible working environments and support for female doctors so they could return to workafter maternity leave and balance work and family.


Women account for more than 40% of the overall workforce, but the share of female doctorswho have passed the national medical exam has been stuck at about 30% for more than 20 years.


The slow progress in medicine has prompted speculation among some doctors about possiblewidespread interference in the school admissions process.


The education minister, Yoshimasa Hayashi, said: "Entrance exams that unfairly discriminateagainst women are absolutely not acceptable." He said the ministry would decide on itsresponse after receiving the results of an investigation from the school.


In Japan, medical graduates usually end up working at school-affiliated hospitals. According tothe Yomiuri Shimbun, the Tokyo school started to restrict the proportion of women in eachclass to about 30% by manipulating test scores thereby failing more women.


Admissions records released to the Associated Press by the school show the percentage ofwomen who passed the entrance exam rose from 24% in 2009 to 38% in 2010. The figure hassince stayed below that level, falling to 18% this year. The percentage of female applicants whowere accepted this year was 2.9%, compared with 8.8% of male applicants.



(CNN)Colorado Mesa University is issuing twodiplomas for the price of one. The catch? The firstone was signed by the chair of CMU's "Coard ofTrustees."


The embarrassing typo lingered in the bottom leftcorner of nearly 9,200 diplomas for six years — untiloutgoing school newspaper editor Alec Williamscaught it this month.


Williams was looking at a photo of a past graduate's diploma online. At first, he said, he wasn'tsure if what he saw was actually a mistake or just part of the classic Old English font used ondiplomas.


"If they're going to do anything right, they need to make sure — at the very least — the non-name related words are spelled correctly," Williams told CNN.

“如果学校想把这件事情处理好,他们至少应该确认毕业证书上非姓名的单词拼写他是正确的,” 威廉斯这样告诉CNN的记者。

The university has already created a website to fulfill diploma requests with the goal of havingeach diploma reprinted and mailed out within two days. Each reissued diploma will cost theuniversity about $5.


"A diploma symbolizes tremendous hard work and investment made by students in theireducation," the school told CNN in a statement.“

一份毕业证书象征着背后学生们为自己的教育付出的巨大努力,” 学校在一份声明书中这样告诉CNN。

So, let this be a lesson for college graduates everywhere: Make sure to triple-check yourdiplomas, Blass of 2018.







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