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I’m~an~English boy.

It~is~an~old book.

Let me have~a look~at~it.

Ms Black worked~in~an~office last~year.

I called~you half~an~hour~ago.

Put~it~on, please.


Please pick~it~up.



They’re my father~and mother.

I looked for~it here~and there.

There~is a football under~it.

There~are some books on the desk.

Here~is a letter for you.

Here~are four~eggs.

But where~is my cup?

Where~are your brother~and sister?


The black clouds are coming nearer and nearer.(nearer与and不可连读)(3)“辅音+半元音”型连读



Nice to meet~you.

Did~you get there late~again?

Would~you like~a cup~of tea?

Could~you help me, please?





I~am Chinese.

He~is very friendly to me.

She wants to study~English.

How~and why did you come here?

She can’t carry~it.

It’ll take you three~hours to walk there.

The question is too~easy for him to answer.



Is~it a~hat or a cat?(hat与or之间不能连读)There~is~a good book in my desk.(book与in之间不能连读)Can you speak~English or French?(English与or之间不能连读)Shall we meet at~eight or ten tomorrow morning?(meet与at,eight与or之间不能连读)She opened the door and walked~in.(door与and之间不能连读)(6)失爆导致的“连读” 6个爆破音有3对/p/,/b/,/t/,/d/,/k/,/g/失去爆破,又叫不完全爆破,就是在某些状况下,只须做出发音的筹备,但并不发音,稍稍停顿后就发后面的音。

The girl in the re(d) coat was on a bla(ck) bike jus(t) now.

The bi(g) bus from the fa(c)tory is full of people.

Wha(t) time does he get up every morning?

This is an ol(d) pi(c)ture of a bi(g) car.

The ol(d) do(c)tor has a ca(t), too.

We’re going to work on a farm nex(t) Tuesday.

What would you like, ho(t) tea or bla(ck) coffee?

It’s a very col(d) day, but it’s a goo(d) day.

You can put i(t) down in the bi(g) garden.

I bought a chea(p) book, but it’s agoo(d) book.


Goo(d) morning, Mr. Bell.

Goo(d) morning, dear.

Uncle Li’s fa(c)tory is qui(te) near to the cinema.

I wen(t) there alone a(t) nine las(t) night.

-Do you know his bi(ke) number?

-Sorry, I don’(t) know.

The forty-firs(t) lesson is qui(te) difficult.

Goo(d) luck, Richard.



Sometimes it can be tough to keep a conversation going. Take this familiar scenario:


You’re talking to someone you have just met, and the conversation is starting to stall. With every passing second of silence comes more and more awkwardness. You rack your brain, trying to come up with a new TOPic, but your mind is blank. You make your excuses and then leave. As you walk away you start to ponder where it all went wrong你和一个刚刚遇见的人说着话,但谈话开始变得僵硬。伴随沉闷一分一秒的加剧,场面变得愈加尴尬。你绞尽脑汁试图提出一个新话题,但你脑袋里却是一片空白。你为自己找了一个借口离开了。当你走开的时候,你开始考虑到底是哪儿出了问题呢。

Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us. But knowing how to keep a conversation going is a great skill to possess. If you have trouble keeping a conversation going , you might miss an opportunity to get to know a great person. Here are 5 tips to make sure you never find yourself in that situation again.


1. Listen


Intently listening to what the other person is saying is the best way to keep a conversation going. Many people forget that listening is an active task; nodding your head in acknowledgement without really paying attention isn’t going to help you. Taking a genuine interest and really paying attention to what the other person is saying will.


Use their conversation to keep things going. For example, someone might say, “I went to Italy last year.” This one statement offers a great opportunity to keep the conversation going. You could ask, “Which part did you go to? How is the food over there? What was your favourite part of the vacation? Would you recommend going etc?” Actively listening offers endless ways to keep a conversation going.

借助他们的谈话内容让对话继续。譬如,有人会说:“去年我去了意大利。” 这句陈述提供了一个让对话继续的良机。你可以问:“你去了意大利的哪一个城市?那里的食物如何?你最喜欢假期里的哪一部分?你会推荐其他人去吗?” 等等问题。主动倾听为继续对话提供了无限可能。

2. Ask open ended questions


Questions which require more than just a “yes” or “no” answer encourage people to talk for longer, taking the pressure off you. For example, if you ask, “Do you like this restaurant?” a one word answer might be given. However, asking, “What do you think of this restaurant?” offers a much greater possibility to keep the conversation going.


3. Talk about your passions


Have you ever noticed that when you talk about something you are passionate about, time seems to flow? You are able to talk for hours without any awkward silences.

你有没注意到当你谈论那些叫你充满激情的话题时,时间好像一晃就过去了。你可以说上好几个小时而且还不会出现窘人 的沉闷。

If you find a conversation stalling, direct the conversation towards something you would have no trouble talking about; your passions.


4. Just say it


Sometimes you have no problem thinking up things to say. The problem is that you fear the other person won’t enjoy the subject you have in mind. This fear is usually unfounded. Next time you find yourself stuck in conversation, just say what is on your mind. You might just be pleasantly surprised.


5. Practice


Now you know of some tips to keep a conversation going, it is time to put them into practice. No matter what your skill level, you can only become better by practicing.


If you still lack confidence in your conversational skills, start off by talking to your family and friends. When you feel a little more confident, get out of your comfort zone. Start to talk to co-workers or complete strangers. Soon enough, you will be able to master the art of conversation.


Remember that sometimes the person you are talking with doesn’t want to be sociable. They might be lost in their thoughts, be having a bad day or simply don’t want to contribute to the conversation. Even the very best conversationalists would have trouble keeping a conversation going. In this scenario, it is best to politely excuse yourself and find someone else to talk to.


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