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Shan Zhai products are famous, it means the fake products. Some people like Shan Zhai products because they can buy them at the very low price. Actually, most people hate the fake products, for they want to buy the real ones, no matter how much money they need to pay. Fake products do harm to people, one the one hand, they waste people’s money. People are willing to spend money to buy the brand products, but when they find they use the money to buy the Shan Zhai products, how angry they are. It is unfair to them. On the other hand, some fake products will kill people. Take the medicine for example. If the customers eat the fake medicine, then their bodies will not be healthy, even kill their lives. So we must pay attention to the products when we buy them.



In the competition of Miss America in 2016, Backstreet Boys as the performing artist sung the classic songs of As Long As You Love Me and I Want It That Way. When the rhythm began, everybody moved their bodies and enjoyed the songs. They were so familiar to the songs, most of them had heard when they were very small. Backstreet Boys was a very popular group in the early year of 2000, they had fans from all over the world. Especially the girls, they were so crazy about these boys and dreamed to marry them. But this group met setback later and then the members decided to be single, but none of them made the great success. The worse situation was that one member got the heart desease and one was addicted to the alcohol. After they got over the hard time, now they come back.



When I was in primary school, my English teacher showed us a movie in the class. The story told about an ordinary girl turned out to be a princess and she had to learn how to be a princess. It was such a funny film, we laughed happily. I was so impressed by the actress Anne Hathaway, she was not only beautiful, but she was also played so well. Since then, I watch many of her films. Hathaway proves herself, she tells people that she is a good actress. People are easily attracted by her perfect outlook and ignore her hard-working at the beginning, but now they have seen her ability. The movies that Hathaway plays are the hot movies, she is becoming more and more popular. Every time when I see her new movie, I will be very excited and she never lets her fans down.



Nowadays, more and more parents like to send their children study abroad. It is believed that the companies are trend to hire the employees with foreign education. It seems that studying abroad can help you a winner. While the fact is not.


As more young people study abroad, the standard of the foreign degree has been adjusted. Many students just find some fun to play and don’t focus on their study, so when they graduate, they learn nothing. But the universities that have been in the first class are always accepted by the companies, for it means the students must be excellent, or they can’t get the degree.


There is no doubt that the one with foreign education is trend to be given more chances. But they still need to come the to final round in the job interview. The employers will ask them the questions and test their ability. It is nothing to do with the education.







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