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Many years ago, a tragedy happened in the village, a girl committed suicide and her friends told the journalist that it was the rumor that killed their friend. Before the tragedy happened, the girl was played jokes by the boys that as she was touched by one of the boys, then she was no longer a good girl. When the boys saw her, they would said it again and again, and more boys and girls believed the rumor. The girl felt sad and decided to ended her life to get away from this rumor. Rumor is everywhere, people are easy to believe it without testifying. The one who spreads the rumor should be condemned, because he is the murder. While we need to be strong when we face the rumor, we must believe that it will pass someday.



Many teenagers believe that chasing the fashion and act in the different way can make them the attractive person. They have the wrong understanding of charm, the charm is a kind of personality, which is cultivated in the long way. An attractive person is knowledgeable. The way he talks can impresses us, when we discuss about the problem, he can give us the profound opinion and leads us to search the problem. So we need to read more books to make ourselves the special ones. Books broaden our vision and enrich our knowledge, we can see the world in the different angles, which makes us stand out. The way we talk will change as we read more book, we become mature and think in the profound way. Books will not endow us with fame and money, but it will make us the attractive persons.



Most girls like to make up at the early age, they want to look as perfect as the models and attract the boys’ attention. Recently, an experiment was done by a group in London. They asked for some young girls not to make up for a week. A girl accepted the challenge and she had been making up since she was 12, it was such a hard decision for her to give up making up, she said it felt like being naked. When her parents saw her, they asked her if she was sick. When the boys saw her, they just treated her as the strangers, which was very different from before. The girl felt annoyed, but she found that her skin was getting better once she took more sleep. Though the girl was 22, but her skin looked older for the hurting of the make up. We’d better not over make up.



I always have many thoughts in my mind, like I will finish my homework quickly and then go out for fun, but the truth is that I will not finish it until the last minute. Yesterday, my uncle came to visit my parents, he just finished his trip in Vietnam. My uncle is my hero, he has traveled many places and I dream to be a man like him. I asked my uncle how he prepared for his trip, he said he just booked the ticket and the hotel and scanned the tourist information, then he would to there without hesitation. He said most people had planned a lot, but in the end, they would miss the trip and then gave up. Actually, action works much better than thoughts, because only when you face the problem, you will know how to fix.







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